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Completely Free Until Your Home Is Rented

We Are Familiar With Creating Rental Ads

Many rental agents spend a considerable amount of time writing real estate ads, so they'll have the resources to create a rental ad that features high- quality photos and a compelling description.

We Will Follow Up Promptly With Prospective Tenants

When renters inquire about a listing 69% of them expect to hear back from the landlord or property manager within a day. Our agent has open availability round the clock to service prospective tenants to ensure you have a quick turn around on your home.

We Have A Flexible Schedule To Accommodate Showings

Although most individual showings don't take very long, the total travel and preparation time can add up and so can the time spent on showings if a renter isn't found right away. Rental agents will have flexible schedules that allow them to show the properties throughout the day even on weekends. They may even hot a rental open house to help fill your rental property faster.

We Are Connected To More Renters

Rental property agents often spend much of their time networking, and will generally be able to find renters quickly just by putting the word out. They will likely know other rental agents and be able to get leads from them.

We Know The Market

The market is constantly changing, and a rental agent will know when prices are trending up or down and what the renter pool is like for your area. They'll be able to help you competitively price your rental property to maximize your income while minimizing the risk of your rental sitting vacant because the price is too high.

We Have Experience At Screening Tenants

Rental agents may have access to a tenant screening service. This is one of the main reasons many people hire rental agents . Being able to quickly collect applications and screen prospective tenants and ensure the next tenant is qualified is a task that many property owners prefer to leave to someone with experience.

We Draft Lease Agreements

Most rental agents already have a basic lease agreement template that includes things like lease duration, monthly rent amount. payment due dates, security deposit terms and standard property usage rules. They'll be able to work with you to customize the lease, and they can assist you when lease renewal.

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